Monday, March 20, 2023

Key West TV Series – what if they had a reunion show

Unfortunately the TV series Key West died before it’s time.  Only 13 episodes before Fox pulled the plug on the series which had great potential.  The time slot that Fox put the show into was facing one of the largest viewed sitcoms and that was Roseanne.  Key West did not stand a chance against such a show.  So it died an unnatural and unwarranted death.

What if they brought the show back?  How would it fair?

Just for fun, let’s say that they did indeed bring the show back with the original cast.  Unfortunately two of the members have passed on, but they can still be part of the show.  Follow and I’ll give an idea or at least my vision.

First is Seamus, now he is the editor and publisher of The Meteor.  Hanging on the wall are portraits of two of his influencers.  One is Ernest Hemingway who Seamus idolized and right next to that is a portrait of Roosevelt ‘King’ Cole his mentor.  Even though Ivory Ocean who played Cole in the original series passed on in 2011, can be written into the new show as Cole passing on yet remains as watching over Seamus from above.

Next is Jojo Nabuli the lovable Rastafarian who has not changed much.  Still living life to it’s fullest and being the best friend of Seamus.

Sheriff Cody is still the Sheriff of Key West keeping things in order with his sense of fair play and Zen.

Gumbo has expanded his bar to a larger location still with dancing girls in skimpy outfits.  His favoroite pet, ‘Tickle Pink’ is older but still with him.  Alligators can live up to and sometimes exceeding 70 year old so it would not be unreasonable that Tickle was still there.  And like in the original series, Gumbo’s is a favorite hang out.

Mayor Chaucy has made it to the Governor of Florida but still makes Key West her home.  In fact when she is not in Tallahassee the capital of Florida, she is in Key West and has an office there.

The lovely Savannah has retired from being a prostitute and now runs a business consulting firm but will still take on a few private clients from time to time, if you know what I mean.

Flame now owns a dance studio and teaches girls the art of exotic dancing.  In  an earlier episode Seamus asked her what would she like to do and she said study ballet.   Not only does she teach exotic dancing, but ballet as well.

Rikki has a successful retail establishment on Duval Street.  She is just as upbeat and playful as ever.

Fig still works at The Meteor and is the lead reporter and Seamus’s second in command of the paper.

Hector, played by Geno Silva would have passed on in 2020, would have his legacy continue with a son or daughter who now runs the business.  In the first or pilot episode we see that Hector has a son with special needs, so the child that takes over the business was born after the special son.

Dr. Clarke and Seamus have gotten married to each other since there was the sexual tension between the two in earlier episodes.  Dr. Clarke still runs the Atlantic Dolphin Research Center and advocates for dolphins.

Hunter Fisher still has a successful charter boat business taking tourists fishing.

Annie and Isadora are now the personal assistants to Chaucy.

From here numerous story lines can be written for the original cast using current events.  It could make for a great show once again. 

But in reality that would most likely never happen.  Not only have two of the actors pass on, but the creator of the show, David Beaird and executive producer Richard Berg have both passed on as well.  David in 2019 and Richard in 2009.

According to IMDB,there have been four of the actors who have not acted in several years and it can be assumed that they retired from it.  Starting with Joy Hawkins who played ‘Annie’ has not acted since 1993, Lara Piper who played ‘Rikki’ has not acted since 1995, Michael Covert who played ‘Hunter’ has not acted since 2012 and most recently Leland Crooke who portrayed ‘Gumbo’ has not acted since 2016.

The last executive producer, Allan Marcil is now teaching at a college and the last film he produced was in 2000.

So even if a reboot or a reunion show was conceived it is doubtful that those people and the rest of the cast would be interested, but you never know.

Then again, a reunion show is nothing more than a pipe dream of mine.

Friday, March 17, 2023

Key West Show actors


Like all TV shows, there is a list of characters that make up the cast. Not all of them were in all of the episodes and a few were in on;y a few episodes.  This is a chart of the recurring actors and their roles.  There were a few that made only 1 appearance but never again.  I didn't include those people.

I would have liked to see Fig, Isadora and Annie's parts expanded into more episodes.

This chart is simple to read, the character, who played the part, the episode that they were in and that total number of episodes that they appeared.  Two of the actors are regrettably no longer with us.  Four of them have retired from acting.  One of the characters even though they cannot act was included and that was the 'gator "Tickle Pink".

Character Actor Ep1 Ep2 Ep3 Ep4 Ep5 Ep6 Ep7 Ep8 Ep9 EP10 Ep11 Ep12 Ep13 Ttl
Seamus O'Neill Fisher Stevens X X X X X X X X X X X X X 13
Jojo Nabuli Terrence 'T.C.' Carson X


X X X X X X X X X X X 13
Gumbo Leland Crooke X X X X X X X X X X X X X 13
Savannah Sumner Jennifer Tilly X X X X X X X X X X X X X 13
Sheriff Cody Brian Thompson X X X X X X X X X X X X X 13
Mayor Chaucy Denise Crosby X X X X X X X     X X X X 11
Flame Jenna Grodsky X X   X X X X X   X   X X 10
Roosevelt King Cole Ivory Ocean(d 2011) X X   X X   X   X X   X   8
Dr, Clarke Kim Myers   X     X   X X   X X X X 8
Rikki Lara Piper X X   X X   X X   X       7
Hector Allegria Geno Silva(d 2020) X X X X X             X X 7
Hunter Michael Covert   X         X   X X X   X 6
Tickle Pink   X X     X   X X     X     6
Fig Maria Canals-Barrera   X X X X       X         5
Annie Joy Hawkins   X         X     X       3
Isadora Donna Kimball     X     X           X   13