Thursday, January 4, 2024

A dream comes true and the dream ends

 I had an idea, what if I rented the Boat House are Coconut Mallory's and re-created Gumbo's Bar and Grill.  Including having the inside exactly like the set even with a fake 'gator with a pink bow.  I'd go as far as having a recreation of Roosevelt 'King' Cole played by Ivory Ocean sitting at a table with a chess set in front of him like in the episode. 'Act of God'.  The Boat House was the filming location for Gumbo's after the pilot episode.

Well someone was reading my mine and re-opened Gumbo's at the Boat House and even had a recreation of the original sign.  I have no idea if the place was decorated like in the set.

Facebook Photo


After learning about Gumbos' being a reality, I was saddened to hear that the place closed down.  For what reason?  I have no clue.  From what I have read in the Facebook comments, the place had great service and great food.  And a real nice atmosphere as well.

It is a shame that a precious icon such as this vanishes into history.  If I only had the money, I'd rescue the place and bring it back to the glory is had during the show.  Maybe even have the original cast pay it a visit.  What if Gumbo himself (leland Crooke) drew you a cold one?